Resources to Help You Choose the Best Website Design

Planning your website can be an exciting and rewarding challenge. It is easy to overlook some of the important things which are essential to providing your visitors with a positive experience. Use the resources here to help plan your website design, and make this powerful extension of your business work hard for you online.

Who is the New Website For?

Pay careful attention to this!
Is the website for the business owner, or is it for the visitor? Is it being made with the intention of providing the visitor with more information and encouragement to become a customer? Some websites are made as information portals for a club or association, and allow registered users to create and upload content from the front end (public interface) of the website.

Gather Content for Your Website

The best website content is that which provides the visitor with the information they were seeking, when they made the decision to visit your web site. You need content that can be scanned quickly, so that the visitor can choose what to read and what to skip.

You would most likely be the best qualified person to provide informative content, with the needs of your visitor in mind. Try to anticipate what your customers sought to learn about the product or service you offer, before they bought from you. These points should form the framework of the information you provide on your website.
People generally use the internet during the information gathering phase, in the process of making decisions of all sizes.
If your web site sells a product or provides a means for prospects who are interested in what you offer to enquire further or even become customers, then there must be absolutely no doubt in the visitor's mind on the action they need to take to move them further on that journey.

How Will You Attract Visitors to Your Website?

The answer to this question needs to be found before you even contemplate a design. The ideal scenario for generating lots of traffic is through the search engines, and Google still reigns supreme here.

Take a look at the information on having more traffic from Google, with effective seo website design. Organic search, by way of click throughs on free listings should be your ultimate objective for generating website traffic. Exceptions to this might be a brand which already has a huge following, or a business which sources traffic through television or a social media profile.
If your name or brand is already a household term, your visitors might not use search engines to find out about your service. Most likely, they would search your name or your brand, and perhaps look for an exact match top level domain, to bring them to your web site.