Cheap Websites Won't Make You Money

I was chatting with someone about website designing recently; they had a website which could only be tagged as "awful".

They made the comment that they went with a backyard hack for web design, to save money, and since the launch of the site 2 years ago, spent lots of time wondering about how much business they were missing out on because of the poor quality job.

Website designers come in many different types- there are people who have found some free website design software online, and consider this to be all they need. They offer budget website designs, but the euphoria is short-lived when you realise the impact on your bottom line.

Bring on the website designers who lead the charge. These are the guns- the innovators and forerunners in creative, engaging designs that compel visitors to explore further, nurturing confidence in taking the steps necessary to converting the visitor into a customer.

The best website designers know that to have a visitor land at your little place on the world wide web is one thing- but you must look beyond that and give those people a reason to stay. Your website must engage with the user in the manner she is expecting. The best websites make it very clear to the visitor where she needs to look to fnd what she has come searching for. The random surfer must also be able to quickly grasp a clear visual roadmap of where they are at, what's on offer throughout your website, and where they might like to go next, after landing on the page they have arrived on.

Throw some technical expertise into the mix, and things begin to get interesting.

Websites without traffic are expensive they cost time money and effort, and if the purpose of the website is to generate leads, sales income or enquiries- and none of these happen, then there's money being thrown away.

Search engine optimization is a crucial part of bringing traffic to websites. The right traffic- qualified visitors who have expressed a need in what the website offers, should be invited in- and made welcome, with lots to keep them there and encourage them to remain longer.

Ensure that you get the mix right- a great Melbourne website designer can make all the difference to your online success- whether you provide a portal style website, or a website representing your organization.