Some of the Best Website Design Information You'll Ever Read

Having a website is a huge undertaking, if you are doing anything more with it than just hosting a hobby. Understanding that your perspective and interpretation of your website will be vastly different to your visitors' experiences will help you make the right decisions with what to do, and when to do it.

We all have our babies- but make no mistake, your website needs to be under constant scrutiny by the owner.

A bad website colour scheme, retained because it's your favourite- is not a wise move. You need to be mindful of the visitor, and how they would associate your choice of colour scheme with the industry or profession your website represents. The visitor is the ultimate judge, the one who decides whether or not she likes your website enough to do business with you.

So the website had better be doing everything it can to look great.

The one irrefutable piece of advice we can offer you is:

Think of your website design from your visitors' perspective.

See it through their eyes. Don't give them anything to block their smooth experience of engagement with your website. Your visitors must glide through the website, focussing only on the content which should be rich and engaging. Your website visitors should have a seamless experience throughout all this, and remain absorbed in the content you provide.

Otherwise they will leave, and most likely select someone else to spend their money with.

It's as simple as that.