Our Web Site ReSkinned

Re-skinning a web site essentially dresses the same content in new packaging

Most re-skins are carried out using advanced CSS. The letters CSS stand for "Cascading Style Sheets" and these are text files which instruct browsers in the fine art of presenting the content of the web site the way the designer originally intended. When used well- confining presentation markup to the style sheets means that site-wide changes can be implemented with far less labour than if they were to be written manually, page by page. Imagine having to change the heading colour from blue to red on every single heading when the web site has a thousand pages!

It doesn't take much to realise that better planning in the design and development of a web site can make a huge difference to providing scope for easy adjustment later.

Who Are You Designing Your Website For?

It can be quite an education- hearing people speak about website design. As the owner of a website, you should keep the visitor to your website in mind when working on a design. Elements which might be obvious to you- may be totally oblivious to your website visitor. Before you can click your mouse, the visitor has left, never to return. With this in mind, our latest website design ideas article will get you started on the right choices for the best look.

Web surfers have it easy- the rest of cyber world is only a click away- so your website needs to give people a reason to stay.

Colours, fonts, graphics and layout- these are just some of the elements you need to keep in mind when drawing an initial plan of your website wireframe on paper.

Website Management Platforms

Some things in the world of web design make me scratch my head with wonder. I had someone contact me recently about a website. They were of the adament opinion that one of the website design firms in Melbourne, offering a "managed" content management system was the real deal- and it made me ask, what do the sales staff spin to the customers to convince them?

The company in question had no "seo friendliness" to their CMS (content management system). Lots was wrong. If the customer become frustrated with the system- as many did after trying for months to ake it work, the website couldn't be moved, as it wouldn't run on an open source system. It was not practical to convert an existing website- so the end result was lots of work- and time- gone, with no reward.

It is crucial that you make the right system choice at the beginning.

Rescues are almost impossible and very costly if you decide on the wrong platform at the start. Worse still is the detrimental effect such a decision would have on the search engine optimisation efforts of your website.

Website Hosting Facts You Should Know

The selection of a website hosting company is an important decision, and not one which should be made in a hurry. A good web host will have regular system upgrade, website cPanel backups and tighter security than a second-rate web host. There are some stars- and shockers out there, and the wrong choice can bring all your website design and search engine optimisation efforts to a grinding halt.

Some of the things you should look for, in a web host are:

  • Security- how would they handle an attack on your website or their server
  • What backup systems do they have in place and are there alerts if something should fail
  • What is their uptime- the fanciest web hosting system in the world is useless if your website is offline!
  • Support- it's imperative that you are able to speak with someone 24/7 if there is a problem.

Years of experience have shown me that these are key factors you should consider when deciding on the website hosting company that's right for you. As always, do your due diligence!

Website Development Platforms and SEO

Websites aren't all created equal- owed in part to the platform on which they are built. There are good platforms, bad, shakey platforms, as well as some downright unstable ugly ones too! Selecting the most suitable platform for your needs can be one of the most crucial decisions you will ever make.

Just like superannuation- what you decide today affects what you reap tomorrow, and there's nothing worse than finding your new fancy website is all bells and whistles and no grunt.

Your website developer should determine your future needs as throughly and as comprehensively as possible before commencing the project of designing or rebuilding your existing website. We've just added an article to our Melbourne website designer web site- you can read about websites and development technologies to gain some insight into what's right for your project.

Website Designer Criteria

Website designers often have a brief from the client, outlining the finished look of the website. Sometimes the client has an idea of what looks right- and other times they couldn't be more incorrect!

The important thing to keep in mind is that every design is unique.

The one thing that's really important is that the functionality of the website is there- whether it be a booking engine, shopping cart, online calculator for a product (the cost of carpet for a given area) or other specialised application written specifically for your business.

Designs can always be adjusted; the best websites separate content from design- so it's possible to alter the complete look of a website without needing to make major changes to the content.

Ensure your website functions as expected- and before setting the brief in stone, think about what you want the website to accomplish.