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Website Development Melbourne

Our Melbourne website development company designs and develops responsive, user-friendly websites for small business, online sellers and ecommerce shops as well as clients requiring specific application software and programming. For instance- doctors, dentists and health professionals can integrate booking software into the public pages of their site, eliminating interruptions to the receptionist's work- and making it possible for customers to go online when the business is closed, and book available appointments. We either custom build in core php or html- or use one of the popular content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla, or the newly launched flat file CMS known as Grav.
We can begin with a blank document and make a design unique to your business which reflects your branding and company style- or adapt an existing theme or template from one of the popular platforms.

All the options presented here have their merits. It's a case of determining your objectives- taking a bit of a look into your online presence now and in the future- and moving forward.

Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines will also be able to breeze through your website with ease, devouring all your content for favourable indexing.

We avoid the use of technology and effects like 'Flash'® and excessive Javascript which make it difficult for search engine spiders to read and index your content. Most businesses rely on search traffic to survive. Users prefer simple, easy navigation without distraction- especially when the website involves completing a purchase or form, for more information.

Our strategic alliance with a Melbourne SEO Service will get all the elements for a successful online marketing campaign sorted for you.

Professional Configuration- Meeting Today's Demanding Standards

As the web continues to evolve- and devices expand their capabilities and people demand more from a web experience in every way possible, our technology and systems, adapt. Website design into 2017 makes use of html5 elements and CSS3. Put simply- there is more functionality and better asset management now than before. As experts in the discipline of web design, we embrace the standards and make websites that can be enjoyed by users of all ability levels, using any of today's gadgets, as well as assistive screen reading devices. The World Wide Web Consortium works relentlessly to set new benchmarks for developers, browsers and other contributors to the experiences of internet users.

The Importance of User-Friendly Website Design

The front end of a search engine optimised website makes for a fantastic user experience. Clean, easy navigation with a simple interface and uncluttered design will enable your website visitors to focus on the content, instead of being annoyed by blinking graphics, pop-up windows or disruptions to their browsing experience.

It is absolutely essential that the design of your website enhances- and simplifies- your human visitors' experience, so that visitors can easily achieve the objective they arrived with. Increasing the level of visitor engagement should be a natural thing. There should be nothing that forces visitors to stop and try to work out:

  • what to do next
  • how - or where - to find what they are looking for
  • why something on your website is not working

Most websites cause at least one of the above three events to happen in a single visit.

What Web Site Design is Right for You?

We have website planning tips to help you ask yourself the right questions before you go ahead with a new web design project.

Ideally, select a design which resonates with your business mission- your brand and ethos. if you have someone in-house who can manage the upgrades to the system like Wordpress, Joomla, Magento Drupal and Grav- then go ahead with any of these CMSs.

For a simple overview of some of the different technologies used website development, read about content management systems for website design.

If website management and maintenance are not your thing, you can assign those tasks to a developer as part of an ongoing arrangement- or you can outsource them as needed. Scheduled, managed maintenance is important for security. Most websites are hacked not through password theft- but via vulnerabilities which develop as browsers and plug-ins are no longer aligned.

To learn more about designing a new website, redeveloping or rejuvenating your current site- whether it's an online store or an information-rich Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal site, get in touch today. Meet with a professional, experienced website developer and explore some new ideas.

Website last modified 9th March 2017