Best Web Design Platforms

Having a website made is only one step in your online management strategy. If you have any sort of following or business which is not static- ongoing updates and maintenance are something you’ll want to be able to do from any internet-enabled device. The best website development people build within a content management system which can be customised to suit exactly what you need.

That same content management system should allow you to add content with control over all titles and descriptions at a granular, page level.

The reason for needing this control is for seo or search engine optimisation.

Essential features of Content Management Systems

In order to maximise the benefit of any seo work you or a search engine optimisation services company does, it’s important that your website’s page titles, meta tags, link titles as well as image titles and alt text can be written manually.

All of these affect your website accessibility and search engine performance, and should not be at the mercy of some auto-generating software. Scripts which generate these types of tags don’t understand the intent of the writer of the content, and are very susceptible to making serious mistakes.

Ensure you have the final say. Check that you can tweak the title, meta and other important tags- and that your website development platform provides tweaking of output for optimum seo benefit.

you need your internet marketing efforts to pay dividends, not just take up time. Most of the popular CMSs are great to use- each has its own unique set of quirks which careful initial setup can help you avoid.

Custom Search Engine Friendly URLs

URLs- that is- web page addresses- written for humans are much easier to understand than URLs with lots of meaningless symbols and numbers. Having an easily understood system of URLs also helps your search engine optimisation efforts, as the address is easily read and understood by search engines. The URL is often displayed as part of the search results, and helps to make the connection in the visitor’s mind between the address of your web page and the content the visitor came to find.

Versatile and Portable- Changing Hosts Should Be Easy

If you change your web hosting provider, you need to be able to take your website, content management system and URL structure with you to a new host, and experience no transition errors. If you need to rewrite all your web page addresses to different ones, or use extensions at the end to accommodate a new hosting environment, this will have a negative effect on your Google rank.

Some of the worse cases of website repair we undertake, are for websites built using a hosting company’s proprietary content management system.

Free website builder included with every hosting package

The limitations of bad web hosting often come to light when trying to improve the site beyond changing basic content- when the owner realises that it’s time for a serious search engine optimisation campaign.

Here’s what we find:

  • The website has generated URLs which make no sense to humans or search engines
  • There is an excess of code to content- slow, heavy pages take ages to load
  • Styles- the properties and declarations which control presentation- are not in separate files
  • Changes to presentation take lots of time, because each page has styles declared, instead of using CSS (text files which declare styles site wide)
  • Code is not semantic- it goes against best practices by not following a natural hierarchy

These problems often mean that the earlier “life” of the website and time spent online, hasn’t contributed in a positive way to the SEO of the domain, and the owner has lost business, and lots of money via paid advertising when organic seo should have been working full force by now.

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